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NEXT happens in a community - a hive if you will - with other like-minded women.

We love the metaphor of NEXT being like a bee hive with all of these hard working, smart women, collaborating and working together, like a hive of honey bees, that support and help each other. 

The society honey bees create and live in is no joke. 

They are experts in working together, and achieving their goals. Bees are amazing communicators. They are nibble and constantly innovate. Bees are amazingly goal oriented and multi-talented. We could go on and on about how much we love the honey bees (especially Melissa). 

Bottom line - bees are kick-ass amazing mighty creatures who thrive when they work together. 

Regardless of how you feel about honey bees, here’s what you need to know - going through this NEXT process with other women will make you part of a NEXTer hive.

The NEXTer hive is a place where our alumni gather and cross pollinate with each other and other women who have gone through the process. In the hive, you can keep up on all things NEXT, get advice (not just from Nanette & Melissa but from a bunch of badass women who get it), and network because a good NEXTer is always on the lookout for a connection. It's also a place to be you and learn, grow, share, and take advantage of special opportunities just for members of our hive from guest speakers and webinars to retreats and trips.

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